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BC Bendoni Communication works in the field of sports organisation and has played a strategic role in developing television broadcasting rights in the football sector. The realisation of sports-centred events has culminated in the creation of the Globe Soccer event for the football transfer market which is dedicated to operators in the sector. From the football World Cup to the swimming World Championships, from the establishment of football library archives, to the conception of new ways to help emerging sporting disciplines grow, these are just some of the initiatives that we have been involved in.



Offering strategic consulting services to well-known football clubs at national and international level, for the management, valorisation and negotiation of sporting multimedia and TV rights, BC Bendoni Communication has consolidated its experience in the field of TV rights and new media.

Main business achievements:

BC has assisted the establishment, development and operations of Plus Media Trading, a company formed by 11 clubs from the Italian Professional Football League; BC's task was to negotiate the sale of TV rights (from 2001 to 2010). Plus Media Trading, following the example of SDS, joined the Gioco Calcio TV platform launched by the merger of Stream and Telepiù in 2003. The Gioco Calcio project was developed in order to guarantee the value of football rights and to compete with Sky.
BC developed and negotiated the sale of UMTS, rights for football match images - for A.S. Roma and S.S. Lazio - from 2000 to 2009.
BC has supplied strategic consulting for the valorisation and negotiation of TV rights of A.C. Fiorentina, A.C. Parma, A.S. Roma, and S.S. Lazio, in particular BC set up SDS as a container for the collective sale of broadcasting rights for the 4 clubs mentioned above; SDS had a strategic role in stimulating competition in the market through the implementation of the second largest digital pay TV satellite platform in Italy (STREAM).


BC Bendoni Communication has helped the main Italian clubs (Juventus, Roma, Milan, Sampdoria, Atalanta, Brescia, Empoli, Chievo, Parma, Bari, Lecce, Genoa and Fiorentina) to set up agreements with RAI TV for the football "Library" project. Such agreements have enabled the main football clubs to create the maximum value from their media activities, in compliance with a law which guarantees complete control over the images produced by the clubs.


BC Bendoni Communication, by performing in a consulting role for major Italian companies operating directly or indirectly in the world of communication, has completed a variety of projects to generate effective channels of contact between those companies and the media.
Some of the experiences that have contributed to make BC and its professional staff, of whom Enrico Bendoni is an excellent example, experts in the media world are: various promotional and advertising campaigns to support major Italian companies' activities, organisation of events and development of all communication support activities for a number of sports clubs.
In particular BC has supported AS Roma for several years in its strategic and operational communication choices.


While offering strategic consulting to well-known Italian sports companies to sell international rights on football content, BC Bendoni Communication has required TV operators to try new ways of doing things (including the use of the virtual ads), and has thus developed new forms of income for football clubs and new and effective offers for sponsors.

Over the years BC has developed broad experience in seeking sponsorships for events, especially in the sports sector.


In the stadium sector, BC Bendoni Communication provides its consulting services to important football clubs to undertake feasibility studies for the construction of new sports facilities.
BC has studied models in order to be able to identify and apply the best solutions for each individual project and select the major international companies best able to carry out targeted research and analyses.
BC is involved in the sports facility sector thanks to the experience of its President who was in charge of important projects during the 1990 Football World Cup in Italy and is a member of the UEFA Stadium Commission.


BC Bendoni Communication, in cooperation with expert lawyers, has been able to offer consulting services for major sport clubs on the national and international scene, namely in the field of obligations arising from negotiations for the sale of TV and multimedia broadcasting rights of sport contents and the drafting of related contracts as well as the drafting of contracts and agreements between the main Italian football clubs and RAI for the realisation of football archives.