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Sponsorships are a fundamental instrument in business communication. The sponsorship market is growing steadily and therefore the investments needed to take part are growing too and becoming increasingly strategic. Having accurate and reliable instruments to plan and control investments in an effective way has become a priority.

Through the careful study of the positioning of the company and its products, BC Bendoni Communication's assistance is oriented towards the planning and realisation of real and concrete communication projects which create value for the customer and their communication activity.

Thanks to its role in the sports sector and its well-established business relations, BC has developed a specific skill in sports related sponsorships. The professionalism and dedication with which BC operates in this sector derive from the belief that sports sponsorship is one of the most effective instruments to achieve communication objectives.


In planning communication projects BC Bendoni Communication enables companies to assess the potential for sponsorship through a range of data built up from targeted research.

BC constantly monitors the performance of the market and specifically the effectiveness of sponsorships/sport sponsorships, with a view to developing an effective and tailored proposal for companies/customers. We take all the important details into account in order to achieve the best results and optimise investment.

BC also provides its consulting services for the sponsorship research stage, especially for sports sponsorships.