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BC Bendoni Communication is a leading company in strategic consulting for the development, valorisation, and negotiation of film rights for football clubs. BC has completed agreements on the sale of TV and multimedia rights with some major operators in this sector at national and international level.

BC's Mission

BC's mission is to develop this market and create new business models which can maximize the value of these rights.

New Business Models

Business models have been developed to exploit such rights, which, in the case of sports content, has meant developing their use to cover all the ever-expanding and innovative broadcasting techniques: analogue, satellite, cable, DTT, broadband Internet, wireless, and 3rd generation mobile communication systems and all new access technologies.


BC Bendoni Communication offers its consulting services to seek out and develop the best products to place on the market and guarantees support in negotiating and setting strategies to protect and increase the value of TV and multimedia broadcasting rights nationally and internationally.

In addition, BC offers its consulting services to prepare feasibility plans for themed channels and for the realization and maintenance of "libraries" (image archives).